Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World

“New Pioneers”, by Mark Henson. © 2010


Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World is a book about a scientific economic solution rooted in a recognition of humanity’s interconnectedness; it offers a template that, if applied, could solve many of today’s social and economic issues at a root level.

Writing this book has been a labor of love: I invested nearly four years of my life into this relatively small but well-researched work. In that same spirit of love, and thanks to the foresight and generosity of my publisher, North Atlantic Books, I offer you this work today as a gift—the entire material is in the Creative Commons. You are welcome to read this entire work for free and freely share it with others. Please consider supporting my publisher by purchasing books through their online store.

If you feel moved to purchase this book and gift it to friends or family members, I would appreciate it; we co-create a more beautiful world together.

Martin Adams, author
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