Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World

“Why is inequality such a persistent feature of the richest economy on earth?  Martin Adams gives the right answer: rent collected from the many by the few.  And he proposes a simple and sound solution: sharing the rent of land.  If you want to truly understand the way out of our present economic challenges, read this book.”

—Peter Barnes, author, Capitalism 3.0


A Note from the Author

What if we lived in a world where everyone had enough? Where financial struggle didn’t exist, and where involuntary unemployment and poverty were things of the past? A world that reveres nature and exists in harmony with her? A world where everyone has a place?

Land has been coveted throughout human history; even today, as people struggle to get onto the property ladder, people view real estate as an important mechanism to build wealth. Yet the very mechanism that makes land so attractive to own also holds the key to unraveling the mystery of what causes economic booms and busts, social and cultural decline, as well as ecological destruction.

In this book, I reveal the hidden dynamics that create and diminish well-being on a social scale. While Land explains why modern-day capitalism causes inequality, it also shows us what steps we can take to ensure a more prosperous and equitable future for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World builds a case for a completely new paradigm, and it does so with both sound logic and a passion that will draw in anyone who has ever dreamed of a brighter future and a better world, for themselves and future generations. The book will be published by North Atlantic Books in March of 2015.

To a more beautiful way of living.


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